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Photographer Dr. Richard Ressman "The Wall of Fame"

Dr. Richard Ressman practiced orthopaedic surgery for nearly thirty years before becoming a full time professional photographer in 2002. He started developing negatives in his 11 x 7 foot intern’s call room after purchasing his first Nikon in 1969. He has won several photography contests and has displayed his work from San Francisco to Madrid, Spain. Collectors from California to Maine and in a number of other countries possess his images.

In addition to his architectural images, Richard has been shooting photos of celebrities, athletes and musicians. The results have become forged into an enormous floor-to-ceiling montage on a prominent wall in his current home in Cupertino, California. Richard has published five books in the past few years, one of them featuring photos from his Wall of Fame. This will be the subject of his presentation to the Nevada County Camera Club. Details of the encounters with many of the subjects will be discussed.

Many of his subjects are known by one name. For example: stars: Dolly, Paul and Bette; musicians: Bo, Brubeck, Yo-Yo, Arlo, Tina and Baez; athletes: Ali, Dr. J, Kobe, LeBron, Tiger, Kareem and Magic; and political leaders: Gorbachev, Arnold, Obama, Condyleezza, Kissinger and Hillary.

The “Wall of Fame” started in 1976 in the dining room of Dr. Ressman’s Colorado home as a collection of eight mounted photos and has grown since. The “Wall” was featured in Chicago Tribune Magazine April 7, 2002.

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