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Our presentation for November 24, 2014 will feature photographer Algie Abrams. His topic will be "Blending Images to Enhance the Impact".   Algie Abrams has had two passions in his life: photography and electricity. As an electrical engineer,he bought his first camera in 1976 and carried it with him around the world. Abrams will be the featured speaker for the Nevada County Camera Club meeting on Monday evening, November 24,2014, and will be sharing the processes he uses to blend images and merge disparate photos into high resolution works of art.

His travels as an engineer have taken him to the Johnson Space Center in Houston; McDonald Observatory in Fort Davis, Texas; New York City; Silicon Valley; LA; Seattle with Microsoft; and Nevada City as a consultant with AJA. In 1992, he began experimenting with Photoshop to produce high resolution photos. “I use this high-tech dark room on every image so I can adjust any aspect of the image - the trick is to not let that show. I believe I am better at photo editing than photography. I try to minimize distractions to the image's core message, and frequently composite many images into one final image to enhance its story,” Abrams states on his website. 

Algie’s photos are featured at Faithful Fools in San Francisco and at Bistro 221 in Nevada City where he will unveil a very high resolution, technically advanced photo in December. “I recently published a book, Lessons from the All Alone Road which tells about the things I have learned on the road of life through my images,” stated Abrams. He was born and raised in rural South Carolina.

During the second half of the meeting, Camera Club members will showcase their photos as judges critique their submissions to help improve their photography. Categories for submitted photos include: Black and White; Color; Nature - Landscapes; Nature - Wildlife; Travel; Technical; Photojournalism; and the monthly feature - “Close-Up”.

Meeting Time is from 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: Unity in the Gold Country Spiritual Center, 180 Cambridge Court, Grass Valley 

The public is welcome and there is no cost for first time guests.

 Algie Abrams web site is http://algieabrams.com 




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