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Welcome to the Nevada County Camera Club
Next Meeting -- Oct. 24

Guest speaker for the first half of the meeting (we start earlier now: 6:15pm):

“ Refining the Essence of a Photograph through Editing”

Barbara Bitner, Barbara Bitner Studios

OCTOBER 24, 2016, 6:15 P.M.

Unity in the Gold Country Spiritual Center, 180 Cambridge Court, Grass Valley


“As a professional in digital editing, Barbara Bitner creates some of the most artistic and creative images I’ve had the pleasure of ever seeing” (JBair). A look at her Website is all it takes to recognize a complete mastery of digital artistry ( http://burningviolinstudios.com/). With a degree in Environmental Studies from Rutgers University, Barbara’s “heart has always belonged to nature.” Early in her career, she moved on from the Forest and Park Services to fine art such as ceramics, and became an expert in creating digital images that express her worldwide experiences. While she “hikes, skis, paddles and peddles through nature’s landscapes,” what her camera sees and what she experiences are often different. Barbara brilliantly reconciles the difference between what the camera captures and her vision through digital editing. As an instructor at Sierra College and other venues, she shares her mastery of Photoshop and other digital tools acquired through years of commercial work. An accomplished entrepreneur, she is developing a Photoshop Clinic at the Green Screen Institute in Nevada City.

Barbara is introducing her photographic art to the Nevada County area at a show beginning at Art Works in Grass Valley, on Oct. 19. In addition to teaching digital post-processing at schools in Grass Valley, Auburn and other regional venues, she created Oxbow Summer Art Camp, an internationally recognized residential fine art program for teens, managed Maui Community College’s (MCC) Personal Enrichment Continuing Education Program while living in Hawaii, and co-founded 3 successful programs designed to integrate traditional artist tools with technology including one for USC Hawaii.


The Presentation:

Barbara will talk about Refining the Essence of a Photograph through Editing sharing her process of transforming images into artistic creations that express her vision and feelings. She will show some of her photos and explain the digital editing that enhanced them. She will also discuss the context for the photography, for example, how living in Finland inspired her or how a six-week pilgrimage to Japan provided alternative expressions. Given that the computer allows her to use nature’s textures as her palette, we will see inspiring interpretations of the world’s landscapes.


Member Photos Critique, 7:45pm to 9pm :


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