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Welcome to the Nevada County Camera Club
Next Meeting -- July 25 and News

Guest speaker for the first half of the meeting (we start earlier now: 6:15pm):



“ Shooting down HWY #395”

O Truman Holtzclaw

July 25, 2016, 6:15 P.M.

Unity in the Gold Country Spiritual Center, 180 Cambridge Court, Grass Valley


After 34 years of teaching science in Sacramento, CA, Truman retired in 2001. Prior to that he took up photography as a bird watcher. He and fellow bird watchers would regularly argue about what they had seen. So Truman bought a camera and telephoto lens to document sightings. From there he joined the Sierra Camera Club of Sacramento in 1983 and branched out into all areas of photography. He is past president of the Sierra Camera Club and past Chairperson of the Gold Rush Chapter of PSA. He has presented programs at Asilomar, Fotoclave, Gold Rush Chapter of PSA and the PSA internationals. In addition, Truman regularly conducts workshops and programs for Camera Clubs in the Western U.S. He is regularly a “Judge/Evaluator” for camera clubs (Redding to Fresno), art councils, county fairs and he has also judged several times for international competitions including PSA internationals.

In 2001 Truman started his own photography business, "A Beautiful Image" (abiphotos.com), which includes shooting weddings, commercial assignments, special events, portraits, & selling. Truman has recently, 2009, started up a photo tour company, "Photo Success Tours" (photo6S.com). His foreign travels include China, Japan, Africa, Canada, Mexico, South America, Baltic Sea and Europe. His favorite areas to photograph are in the Western United States.


Photographic Philosophy:

I enjoy all types of photography including: Color, Black & White, Infra-red, Cell Phones and others. I also enjoy most subject matter including: Nature, Landscapes, Photojournalism, Abstracts, 3-D, Portraits, Documentation, Silhouettes, Textures and Travel. My "principles" include

“Light” is the single most important factor in making a strong image. Whether in the studio or outdoors light makes or breaks an image. Light rules in photography!

“Simplicity” plays a major role in making the “WOW!” image. Images that jump out at you, are most often the ones that are quick and easy to read. Check out most magazine covers!

“Originality” gives an image a big advantage over “the same ole, same ole”. New and refreshing will normally trump the usual.

“Composition” is so important in making a winning image. The same subject matter placed differently in images can often produce very different feelings or moods. Foreground plays an important role in composition.

“Manupliations” can be fun, beautiful and creative. Whether in the camera, dark room, computer or other it gives the maker new freedom of expression.

“Serendipity” is much like the big Lotto; once in a rare while, you win!!! The time, place, light, subject matter, lens & shooter’s position will give you that special big “WOW!” image. Planning is so often a most important key to improving your chances of the serendipity, but no guarantee.

Member Photos Critique, 7:45pm to 9pm :


Guest Critic: O Truman Holtzclaw, our guest speaker http://www.otruman.com/galleries.htm



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