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Welcome to the Nevada County Camera Club
Next Meeting -- August 22 and News

Guest speakers for the first half of the meeting (we start earlier now: 6:15pm):



“Summer Travel Challenges”

A panel of speakers

August 22, 2016, 6:15 P.M.

Unity in the Gold Country Spiritual Center, 180 Cambridge Court, Grass Valley


Five award winning photographers have volunteered to present images of their recent travels. They will explain the where, what, and why of select images. Details such as camera, lens, focal length, exposure can be offered to share what they did and why. They will describe what they liked and/or learned about one or two of their favorites. They will be asked to cover the following principles insofar as they are relevant:

“Light” is the single most important factor in making a strong image. Whether controlling the studio or being outdoors at the right time, challenges such as direct sun light are huge.

“Simplicity” is often overlooked. Images that jump out at you, are most often the ones that are quick and easy to read. Notice magazine covers!

“Originality” gives an image a big advantage over “the same ole, same ole”. It's all relative -- the baby or pet is yours but is it new....

“Composition” is critical and often is difficult to improve in post-processing. The same subject matter from a different angle or perspective can make all the difference. Foreground plays an important role in composition.

“Manupliations” can be fun, beautiful and creative. Whether in the camera, dark room, or computer it enables trans formative creativity.

“Serendipity” means once in a rare while, you win! The time, place, light, subject matter, lens & shooter’s position can combine with luck to give you that special big “POP!” image. Planning is important but no guarantee.

Member Photos Critique, 7:45pm to 9pm :


Guest Critic: Mike Schumacher, from Auburn, CAhttp://www.morningstarimages.com/


Mike is in his 12th year as president of the Placer Camera Club in Auburn. His club produces an awesome monthly newsletter http://www.placercameraclub.org//

He's been shooting for 45 plus years but only since retiring as a Communications Tech for AT&T has he found the time to pursue his passion. He photographs nature, landscapes, vintage autos, ghost towns, rusted metal, old barns, birds in the migratory season in Sacramento’s many wildlife refuges and wildflowers on the many trails in the Sierras during spring. He does snow photography in the winter for an extra challenge.

Mike states that, "We live in an age of wonder, where it is easier to pursue our photographic passion. Digital has truly changed the landscape of photography, from capture to post processing. The tools we have at our disposal enable us to convey our vision in a truly unique ways. I try to capture the moment that excites me and convey it to the viewer."


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